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Trying not to forget but sometimes I feel so upset

Trying not to regret even if my eyes become wet

But every day I wake up see the sky no one want you to fight

I pass up because time always cheated on life

I don’t want you to steal my peace

I don’t want you to bring me dreams 

But we know your pride you saw lies in your fake eyes

All this shit is mine leave your mind off my timeline

We know your words full of lies oh

Just take a ride with your pride go

The time’s knocking at my door now

He got so many questions but my answers are gone

My friends asks me and I still remember what I like

My mum teach me and I still remember how to fight

Every day every night I grow up

Every tears are mine don’t touch up

We don’t wanna wear any make-up

We’re more than bills don’t fuck up

Don't wanna see your eyes I know nothing is fine

And you can keep in mind nobody’s gonna bright

You know you can kill anyone with time but you can’t rule my life with all your fucking lies

Yeah you gotta go

Yeah you gotta go

Follow what you know

Kill it with your flow

Power that you never know

Be what you wanna be

Sing what you wanna sing

Dance when you wanna dance 

Express yourself


Yeah you gotta kill it with your flow

Yeah you gotta follow what you know

Hey motherfuckers

We kill it with a flow and a power that you never know